11 Apr 2016

Caveman Architecture in The Rockhouse

Angelo Mastropietro bought and carved a home from a cave in the side of the hill, dating back 700 years.  The Rockhouse, as it is now known, is set on a 3 acre site in Worcestershire, England.  Mastropietro did most of the heavy work, to make this five rooms, into a habitable space.  The video below will give you more information about the process.  Following is a sum-up of the stats: Buying the site cost £62,000 (about $87,000) He removed, by hand 70 to 80 tons of rubble, that now makes up the patio. It measures 65m² (about 700ft²).  It has Wi-Fi.  Indoor and Outdoor Shower.  Kitchen, Toilet, Dining Room and a large Double Bedroom.  More pictures below.

Modern Caveman.

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Entrance and Fireplace.
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Dinning Area.
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The Kitchen and Aga.
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Naturally lit bedroom.
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Naturally lit bedroom 2.
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Shower Room.
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Dine outside on the Terrace.
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Terrace 2.
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