25 Jul 2016

Architecture Buildings, Dual-Use Land Construction

ZED Factory, the creators of the ZEDpod concept, which is meant to use an existing site, like a parking lot, and build above it, without disrupting the primary use of the business below it.  The ZEDpod is a prefabricated concept, built off site and then transported and erected on the site.  The saving in this project, comes from the fact that the developers, don't have to purchase the land, but just buy the air rights, to build above.  In the case of a parking space, it can continue working as such and bringing income for the owner of the land.  The construction is solid and durable but can easily be relocated if needed.  The future will see us having to figure out how, to make the most efficient use of resources, without penalising living standards and health.

This is a previous post we wrote, about this concept, this is the link "Pre Fab Office over a Car Park "

East West Terraced-Pod.
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Creation of a Village.
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E-bike parking space under the Canopy.
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Communal Space Under the Canopy.
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Shanghai POD - Shanghai Art & Design Exhibition.
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North South Section.
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Kitchen and Dining Room.
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Bedroom in the Loft Area.
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10-Water-and Waste-Treatment-ZED-Factory-ZEDpod-Architecture-Buildings-Dual-Use-Land-Construction-www-designstack-co
Water and Waste Treatment.
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Terraced-Pod  East-West Solar Barn Option.
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