13 Aug 2016

Drawing Architectural Buildings to Relax

Turkish born Veevinci, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she is an Interior Designer by day and an artist by night.  This is a quote from her website: "I used sketching these buildings, as a means to gear my negative thoughts into creating art comprising of, complex buildings with intricate details."  We have seen it from other artist, that concentrating on producing art, puts them into a zone, that temporary shuts off the world and allows them, to concentrate 100% on what they are doing.  Veevinci says that she is fascinated with the intricacies of the details, past architects, adorned their buildings with and that is why she is drawn to them. 

Berlin Dome.
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High School Classroom Window.
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Municipal House.
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Salzburg Cathedral.
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Palais Garnier.
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Singer Building.
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Santa Maria della Salute.
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The M├ętropole du Grand Paris.
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Wasted Girls in Paris.
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Incomplete Sketch.
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