2 Aug 2016

Realistic Paintings of Cities Frozen in Time

Spanish Artist Fidel Molina, is the son of a painter and grew up, around paint brushes and oil paints.  After having completed a degree in Fine Arts, he worked in Graphic Design.  His paintings are a snapshot of life in the city, where people busily go about their business, in a rush to get to...  If only we could pause our life, from time to time, to see where we are and where we are trying to get to, maybe we would make different decisions.

Esquina de la Quinta Avenida y la calle 23.
(Corner of Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street).
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Por el Boulevard des Capucines.
(For the Boulevard of Capucines).
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Por una calle de París.
(For a Paris street).
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Luz del atardecer en la calle Serrano.
(Evening light in the street Serrano).
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Muelle Alfonso XII del Puerto de Cartagena.
(Muelle Alfonso XII of the Port of Cartagena).
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Paseo de la Castellana.
(The town of Castellana).
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Passeig de Sant Joan.
(Stroll through Saint Joan).
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Quinta Avenida.
(Fifth Avenue).
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Sentada frente a la entrada del metro.
(Sitting in front of the subway entrance).
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Luz de agosto en Murcia.
(Light in August in Murcia).
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Rue Saint-Louis en L’Île - París.
(Rue Saint- Louis Island - París).
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Tránsito en Cibeles.
(Traffic in Cibeles).
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Torres de Colón.
(Tower of Colón).
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Tarde en el estanque del Retiro.
(Late in the pond Retiro).
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