20 Oct 2016

Comic Book Heroes in Super Shadows II Illustrations

Artist Jason Ratliff Reminds Children That Superheroes Are Of All Races, Genders And Abilities With His New 'Super Shadows II’ Series.
American Artist Jason Ratliff, returns to DesignStack for another instalment of Super Hero Shadows.  Quote "Jason Ratliff wants to bring children hope, empowerment, and the idea that the impossible is possible. Possibilities are endless just like a child’s imagination..."  You will be able to find the exclusive prints on Curioos who say "We are very happy to add that 50% of all proceeds will be donated to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Ft. Worth, TX during the first 48 hours of the series launch."  All inclusive, inspirational artwork that begins to open the Superhero world to more people.  Ratliff's previous work here on DS "Comic Book Heroes in Super Shadows Illustrations".

Boy Without Fear.
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The Power Within.
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The Power Within 2.
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The Power Within 3.
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05-The Future King-Jason-Ratliff-Comic-Book-Heroes-in-Super-Shadows-II-Illustrations-www-designstack-co
The Future King.
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Blanket Crusader.
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Brothers in Arms.
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Harley Quinn.
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Iron Man.
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Neighborhoods Finest.
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Kid of Steel.
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Bazooka Buddies.
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Bazooka Buddies 2.
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Cosmic Misfits.
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16-Strange Kid-Jason-Ratliff-Comic-Book-Heroes-in-Super-Shadows-II-Illustrations-www-designstack-co
Strange Kid.
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Professor X.
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