10 Nov 2016

Multifunctional Sideboard Furniture for Tiny Homes

Multifunctional furniture, that is perfect for tiny spaces. video info and list of furniture, in the post.
Slovakian company Createspace has come up with this magnificent piece of furniture, that is not only cleverly designed and built but, can be a real asset in any small home.  The Sideboard includes the following pieces of furniture: Sideboard, Foldable Table (with adjustable height, for bar counter or dining table with adjustable width), 4 Chairs and 2 Bar Stools.  When the various components are not needed they all fit neatly in the sideboard.  When the sideboard is packed away, there still retains 60% of the internal space, for other items.  More info below the images.

Multifunctional Sideboard by CreateSpace.

GIF Animation.
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The table features adjustable height, width and and can be used as a dining table for two or four people, bar counter, kitchen working unit or desk.

Bar counter (W/D/H  125/50/115 cm) (49/19.5/45 inches)
Dining table for two people (W/D/H  125/50/75 cm) (49/19.5/29.5 inches)
Dining table for four people (W/D/H  125/100/75 cm) (49/39/29.5 inches)
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4 Chairs.
The chairs can be used with the table as seating or as storage.
W/D/H  45/45/45 cm  /  17.7/17.7/17.7 inches
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The ergonomic design of the stainless leg support ensures cosy seating.
W/D/H  38/34/75 cm
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As said above, once all of the components are neatly tucked in, you are still left with 60% of the internal pace to store any other items you want to.

W/D/H  125/50/115 cm (49/19.5/45 inches)
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