6 Jan 2017

Old Master Paintings with a Science fiction Twist

Old Master inspired paintings that are going to propel you to the future and not the past.
Richard Kingston aka (young rascal) is a Digital Artist with many feathers to his cap, graphic and website design, brand developer, illustrator, animator and sculptor.  Seeing a smile on the people that view his work, is what pushes him to continue producing art.  He draws inspiration from the people and the things around him, getting his creative sparks from day to day things, like the news or a chat with a friend.

A lady with an Ermine - Sigourney Weaver - Alien.
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Master Yoda - Star Wars - To do or not to do - The question that is.
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Mona Lisa - La Gioconda - Selfie.
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Live long and prosper.
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James T Kirk - Star Trek - Where The Bold Have Boldly Been.
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06-R2-D2-Star-Wars-Self Portrait-Richard-Kingston-Old-Masters-Paintings-with-a-Science-fiction-Twist-www-designstack-co
R2-D2 - Star Wars - Self Portrait.
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C-3PO - Star Wars - Sir if I may venture an opinion.
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The Creation of Adam - Young Frankenstein, Gene Wilder - IT'S ALIVE.
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Hellboy - Big Red Lute Player.
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David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes.
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  1. I looked for this print among your items to shop, and David Bowie wasn't there. I would like to purchase it, please?

    1. We are a blog site that feature artists and sell our own products. They are separate categories, we don't sell the the artist's work.

      If you follow the link below, you can buy directly from Richard Kingston (the artist).

      I hope this helps and that you have a wonderful Friday.


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