26 Jan 2017

Paintings of Romantic Scenes in the Rain

The artist sets his paintings in realistic feeling scenes.
Amongst the different mediums he has experimented with, British Artist Jeff Rowland, has a predilection for oil paintings with a specific subject matter, "Romantic compositions of couples caught in the rain". I find that looking at the rain falling can be very relaxing and I can see why some people can find it romantic, that is if you are in a dry warm place looking out at it.  I suppose that, that is why in the films, they always show it pouring down with rain out side and the protagonists are sat snugly under a blanket, in front of a beautiful wood lit fire.  Look at these paintings from a worm and comfortable place with your favourite people around you and you will enjoy them so much more.

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At The End Of The Avenue.
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Forever In Your Arms.
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Meet Me On The Bridge.
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Street Light Stroll.
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The Embrace - Paris.
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The Last Train Home.
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Until the Last Minute.
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Waiting for You.
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We Meet At The Same Place.
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We're Almost There.
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