20 Jan 2017

Walt Disney Stories Seen Through Paintings

Walt Disney stories given a twist with the artist's personal style.
Famous American Artist Thomas Kinkade, is said to have known from a young age that his future was in Art and Painting in particular.  He reached a level of fame and popularity, that allowed him to do a lot for charitable causes and give back to the ones that need it.  The difficulty in these paintings, is not only the technical one of production, but also being able to encapsulate the story and the protagonists in a still image.  I am sure you can agree, that a great job was done at conveying these worlds to us, the viewer.  Kinkade passed in 2012, but his work is continued by his professional studio, comprised by his friends and colleagues.

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02-Beauty and the Beast-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Beauty and the Beast.
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03-The Little Mermaid-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
The Little Mermaid.
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04-Pirates of the Caribbean-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Pirates of the Caribbean.
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05-Alice in Wonderland-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Alice in Wonderland.
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07-Cinderella - Clock Strikes Midnight-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Cinderella - Clock Strikes Midnight.
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08-Peter Pan s Never Land-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Peter Pan s Never Land.
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09-Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Pinocchio Wishes Upon A Star.
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10-Sleeping Beauty-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Sleeping Beauty.
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12-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
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13-The Lion King-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
The Lion King.
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14-The Princess and the Frog-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
The Princess and the Frog.
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15-Winnie The Pooh-Thomas-Kinkade-Walt-Disney-Stories-Seen-Through-Paintings-www-designstack-co
Winnie The Pooh.
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