12 Feb 2017

Drawings Exploring a Range of Different Techniques

Drawings that show off an artist with a lot of imagination and creativity.
This is the second time that, 21 year old New Zealander Kristina Webb aka colour_me_creative, is featured here on DesignStack, I will put a link to her previous work below.  To take a quote from her site: "Just a Kiwi artist with a passion for drawing and a dream to inspire people".  I think this is a really appropriate quote, as this artist is more than happy to try different types of drawings techniques (and in my opinion, excelling in all of them).  Have a look below and see if you agree with me.

To see more of Webb's work here on DesignStack, press the Link Below:
Art and Imagination in Colour me Creative Drawings

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Never Stop Learning.
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Spaghetti Hair.
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A Rose Illusion.
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Rapunzel Painting my Nails.
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Rapunzel Tangled.
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Skai Jackson.
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The world in bloom.
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New Dress.
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Not all stars belong in the sky.
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Off to San Francisco.
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