4 Mar 2017

Drawings using the Stippling Technique

Drawings with a full description of their meaning from the Author.
Dzmitryi Kashtalyan works out of Minsk, Belarus. He started as a Font Graffiti Artist and has since worked to make his approach to art a more rounded and encompassing one.  He is continually trying new techniques, experimenting on different mediums like: painting on the walls, paper, canvas and creating computer graphics.  That said, his main focus remains on black-and-white detailed ink drawings and graffiti.  Kashtalyan wants art to make people question and look at the world around them, as a first step to making their environment better.  Have a look at the Artist's inspiration for each drawing, underneath the respective picture.

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Still Alive.
The picture is dedicated to the people who lost the sparkle in their eyes.
Many people of different age tire of life and only keep on listless existence while being still young and healthy. For some reason they treat themselves as seniors and believe that their springtime is over and so does life. But life is going on! There is some vital power in any lazy dinky domestic cat. Don’t let it die prematurely! Take care of the twinkle in your eyes, the lust for life and self-development, remain yearning for adventure.
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The Father.
This work is dedicated to my father. I created it for him and my mother to express my acknowledgement of giving me life, the chance to listen to birds, create, love and be loved. They gave me all they had and they did everything they could for their children. They did not leave me in front of the TV, but read to me good books. They taught me to know right from wrong, cultivated my sense of justice and explained to me how to live as a human being. Friends, accept your parents as they are, try to understand their view of life, forgive if not everything runs smoothly. Just say to them “thank you!” for everything and be a great example for your own children, read books to them, help them develop, run together barefoot on the grass.
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The Last Violin A.
A violin is the symbol of high art, sense of beauty, and cultural foundation of each person. All this, which is so important for a human being to be human, has paled into insignificance and it is ignored in most cases. Like that, we are falling into the abyss of ignorance and degradation. At the same time, present-day reality encourages brain relaxation, maximally frees from critical thinking and aspirations for beauty. Fortunately, each of us has a creative element and sense of beauty. Some people have them deeper, the others feel them better, but the most important is that they cannot be extirpated and trampled down. Anyway, the cultural grain will eventually germinate and ripen when the time comes.
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The Last Violin B.
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Advanced Technologies.
We live in the most wonderful time. There is a century of new interesting technologies. I am thankful to live in this time. And I dedicate the work to Civil Aviation.
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Only Love is Sweeter.
Each year many people who have ever tasted a ripe watermelon look forward to the new season in order to taste it again. Unfortunately, not that many of those millions of people are truly in love and at the same time being loved. However, those lucky ones who feel it would say that sincere, unconditional love is sweeter than any fleshy watermelon. Having felt it once, we keep it in our hearts forever.
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The Main Violin.
Illustration for 12 international illustration contest Tapirulan This is a famous King Kong scene, but in my interpretation the protagonist is kind and polite. Having got to the skyscraper with a violin, he is playing classic music, which is universal for everybody. King Kong tries to distract the mega metropolis’ inhabitants from their routine and everyday rush. By means of music he seeks to make all the people who can hear him kinder and more friendly to each other at least for a while.
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The HorseCat.
This drawing is a gift for my mother-in-law. The subject of the artwork is meaningful for her and it revives warm memories. She used to have a cat who liked to ride hens in the backyard. Although the trick was not that elegant/graceful and the cat was Siamese.
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The Interview with Conscience.
Sooner or later your conscience will ask you certain questions. Whether you will be able to answer or not depends only on you. In order not to feel ashamed, be human now. Do not wait until Monday.
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