16 Mar 2017

Portraits Painted with Lipstick and Kisses

Paintings executed with lipstick as paint and kisses as a paintbrush.
A fist time for everything and this time, lipstick is used to create portraits.  Toronto-based artist Alexis Fraser, uses this imaginative technique to produce these minimalist yet accurate likenesses.  I have included a video of her demonstrating how she approaches the painting.  As the images are quite large, the amount of kisses necessary to fill the canvas seems to be quite high, making the entire process a laborious and a tiring one, I am guessing.  As well as the art we are featuring today, she also creates more standard paintings, using oil based paints.  Fraser has a background in teaching, which she left to dedicate herself full-time to her art and thanks to her husband and family's support, she has managed to weather the ups and downs, to a point where her work is becoming more well known out there.

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Scarlett Johansson- Kissing Art (TIME LAPSE) - Alexis Fraser.

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Call it Macaroni.
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Cat Von D.
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Amy Winehouse.
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Don't Ruffle my Feathers.
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John Lennon.
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Frida Kahlo.
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Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.
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Cary Grant.
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Kissing Lips.
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Amour Rose.
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