26 Apr 2017

Body Painting on location in Tuscany - Italy

Lovely locations and body painting that blends with the surroundings.
Artist Trina Merry, is becoming a staple here on DesignStack, in her fourth outing, with her Body Painting pieces.  Her talent for using people as her canvas, is the reason we keep going back to her, time after time.  As you may have guessed from the title, her paintings bring us to the Italian region of Tuscany, where Merry blends her models with amazing scenery, that include historic architectural buildings and cities like Florence and Pisa.   Belo, links to her previous work:

Body Painting Artworks

Architecture meets Body Painting in, Lost in Wonder

Astrology and Camouflage in Body Painting Art

Duomo of Florence.
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Leaning Tower of Pisa.
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Palmerino Florence.
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Ponte Vecchio Florence.
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Teatro Romano Fiesole.
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Villa Palmerino Florence.
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Vineyard in Tuscany.
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