15 Apr 2017

Drawings that Show the Kinder Side of Dragons

Uncovered secret life of dragons, as they move to a new PR company.
Artist Brian Kesinger, says he was influenced by movies, video and board games in the 80s, to create this set of drawings about dragons.  In the past as well as in the present, in most cases, dragons get a bad wrap, Kesinger tries to balance the the picture, by showing the other things that dragons get up to.  Have a look at the illustrations below and prepare to have your mind changed about these lovely and cuddly creatures...

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Gorüng the Skittish - has an extreme case of Ovinaphobia.
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Chapter 14 gets to, AAgar the Emotional, every time.
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Cole the Diminutive - is just a small dragon in a big world hoping to find a realm of his own that he can desolate all he wants.
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Telkyn the Learned - This book worm loves to hoard her literary treasures.
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Raniik the Obvious, fancies himself an excellent hide and seek player.
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Cyr'nyth The Mystic:
Many an intrepid traveller has sought the wisdom of this ancient forest spirit, but Cyr'nyth only materializes to those he deems worthy of his knowledge.
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Garnyx the Behemoth:
Once upon a time a reckless king decreed that his kingdom be built on the highest peak in the land. His advisers warned against the construction as it was a sacred place but were put to death for their disobedience. Woe to the king when Garnyx awakes...
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Flaarix the Mischevious - This sea serpent loves surprising the local mermaids with impromptu acrobatic displays.
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Norith chilling in his favourite holiday location.
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Varlad the Improviser, was fortunate to come across a helpful princess during his quest to find his missing jump rope.
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