4 Apr 2017

How to... Cards from the Early 1900s

Cards that are going to help you workout solutions to everyday problems.

Between 1900-1910, tobacco company Gallaher decided to give an extra incentive to their smokers, by including in every packet of cigarettes, a helpful "How to" card.  They are no fresh pair of lungs but, some helpful hints on how to get round day to day problems, we would now call hacks.  I have put together some examples below.  Each card came with an image portion and a description, that said they are pretty self explanatory so I just included the images and titles.  These cards are now collected in digital format, at the The New York Public Library.

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How to light a match in the wind.
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How to light a match in the wind - Explanation.
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How to draw a circle without compasses.
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How to draw an ellipse with string.
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How to grow maidenhair ferns.
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How to Keep plants watered.
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How to make a spirit level.
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How to clean bottles.
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How to clean new boots.
I Have no idea if this works.
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How to cut new bread into thin slices.
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How to keep a paint brush handle clean.
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How to keep saucepan lids raised.
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How to measure with coins.
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How to separate glass tumblers.
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How to remove glass stopper from bottle.
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