21 May 2017

Architectural Urban Drawings and Interior Design Sketches

Drawings that take you on a trip, with out you having to move an inch.
British Artist Phoebe Atkey, is self-taught and has a passion for all things Architectural and the Fashion world.  Her drawings are inspired, mostly, by her travels and sometimes from commissions she receives from her instagram page.  For the most, these are black and white drawings of houses streets and cathedrals.  The sketches are carefully detailed by Atkey, in a way that allows us to see, what she did during her travels.  It reminds me of flashback in movies, we can follow in her footsteps, as she explores the world...

York Minster Cathedral.
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Wisteria Trees.
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Parisian Balcony.
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Historic part of Town.
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Interior Design - Dining Room.
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Interior Design - Sitting Room.
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Flats in a Busy City.
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Internal Staircase.
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Small Village.
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Tiled Entrance to Town House.
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Wonderful Building.
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