18 May 2017

Body Painting in the Dark with UV Paint and a Black Light

Body Painting Art, that brings out, the night-time creature in you.
Danny Setiawan is the founder of Denart Studio, his shop is based in New York and he has a background as a body painting artist. With the help of his business partner and co-owner, Ekaterina Dorozhkina, they built a business that allows novices and professionals, use their studio and experience this medium.  Once the painting is done the models can be photographed in order to keep a record, of what then vanishes, when the model washes off the paint.  Amongst all of the works displayed on the site, I have chosen his UV ones, which become luminescent in a dark room illuminated by a black light.  It would be a fantastic effect to use these paints for a party or a night out at a nightclub, all eyes would be on you.

Dance of Life.
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Burning Phoenix.
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Carry the Ocean.
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Glowing Portrait.
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Night Time Skull.
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Passion and Integrity.
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Starry Night on Rhone.
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