27 Jun 2017

The Coffee Rituals and Illustrated Compositions

Coffee, a seemingly simple drink, that is associated with many behaviours and rituals.
Cinzia Bolognesi is an Illustrator that, yes, I am sure you guessed, loves her coffee.  Preparations for consumption of a drink is more associated with the East, where they have beautifully elaborate and choreographed ceremonies.  People in the West have simpler, but rituals none the less, associated with drinking coffee, which many adhere to, on a daily basis.  There are those, that have to have it as soon as they wakeup, others save it for their journey to work, or , for when they arrive at their desk.  People drink it to wake up, some to keep awake or to round off a meal and others just the pleasure of the taste.  Bolognesi's approach is more artistically oriented, she makes the coffee the centrepiece of her illustrations and gathers other object, like: fruits, flowers, seeds etc. to make the the picture as ornate and beautiful as she can.  Making something special and and allowing yourself time to enjoy it, will make you feel so much better, whether you do it at the beginning, or the end of your day, remember to treat yourself.

The Lighthouse.
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The Coffee Ritual.
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03-A Midsummer-Night-s-Dream-Cinzia-Bolognesi-The-Coffee-Rituals-and-Illustrated-Compositions-www-designstack-co
A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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Coffee, Smile, Laugh... Repeat.
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Morning Coffee.
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And I must be an Acrobat.
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Sprinkling Day.
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An old Owl who Lived in an Oak Tree.
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The Circus of Life II.
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The Circus of Life IV.
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The Girl of Ink and Stars.
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The Last Guardian of your Dreams.
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The Spring Priestesses.
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The Wings of the Butterfly.
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When you could Soak the Moon into the Sun and Take a Bite.
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