20 Jul 2017

Photograph Collage to Produce Surrealism

An artist that enjoys what she does and creates it for no other reason than, the pleasure she derives from it.
Italian Illustrator Daria Petrilli has this to say about her art: "These are my illustrations made ​​for my personal joy, without bosses, and even publishers ... only for my pleasure".  The following is how I see the difference between a hobby and a job: if you need your art to produce an income within a certain time frame and you have deadlines, then it's a job.  I can see how both can bring some positive aspects to the production process.  A hobby gives you the freedom to create something that is not affected by outside pressures and the job helps focus the mind to complete your project in a timely way.  If you can harness positive properties from both sides, you would have the perfect creative and functional environment to work in.  Enjoy the worlds of surrealism that Petrilli has graciously chosen to share with us.

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The Lady of the Ibis.
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The Sea under my Clothes.
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Notturno - Nocturnal.
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Dual Nature.
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Waving in the Blue.
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Alice's dream.
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Escape from the Dream.
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Hunter Butterflies.
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Poppies Lady.
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Red Point.
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Walking with a White Deer.
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