15 Jul 2017

Sketching Inspirations on a Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine Sketches by mrc_artworks
A pre-digital component of an artist's life.
These little moleskine notebooks are very handy for artists whether you are a pro, or just starting, they can be used as an indication of progress, or just to capture details of a view that really fascinates you and then draw it later in comfort.  I know you can use a mobile or a camera to take the picture but with pen and paper you can edit the view as you are looking at it, maybe change the composition.  On the other hand, tablets are getting better and better and can perform the same function as a notebook, making you paperless and able to carry a huge amount of your work with easy access.  No matter what you uses, just find the best fit for you and start drawing.  mrc_artworks goes old school with his drawings, that are as varied as they are interesting and beautiful to look at, touching on many different subjects.  Take the time to have a look below and see what attracts your attention.

01-A Snail-and-its-Travels-mrc_artworks-Sketching-Inspirations-on-a-Moleskine-Notebook-www-designstack-co
A Snail and its Travels.
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Time Exploding.
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Killing Time.
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Nod to Salvador Dali.
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Honey Bees.
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Honey Bees Wondering.
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Swimming Against the Flow.
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Birth of a Crow.
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Salute of the Elephant.
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Brighter Landscape beyond the Wall.
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