7 Aug 2017

Architecture with the Star Wars Millennium Falcon House

A house from a galaxy far far away...
This beautiful four bedroom house, designed by Charles Wright and set in water in the Daintree rainforest, Queensland, Australia.  This building is very different from standard architecture, both in its construction and with its surroundings.  When you see the top image, you can see why the parallels were drawn between the Light Freighter, Millennium Falcon, from Star Wars and this concrete house.  It was originally build as a weekend home, but once the owners moved in, they made it their permanent residence.  Below are some of the pictures of the interior that give you a bit more of an idea of what it looks like on the inside and some facts about the property, taken from dailymail.

Surrounded by forests on one side, 2,500ft mountains on the other, + 600 yards of personal beach.  The 600 square metre mansion, is made out of concrete, steel and glass.  It sits 11 metres above the water, 4 bedrooms with en-suite and comes with three garages and a plunge pool.

Aerial Photograph.
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One of the Bedrooms.
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Another Bedroom.
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Bathroom and shower Room.
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Toilet  (they all have unique looks and layouts).
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Open Air Kitchen.
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Open Air Kitchen.
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Sitting Room Area.
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Small Pool.
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Aerial View of the House.
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Bridge to the House.
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