20 Aug 2017

Digital Imaginative Illustrations Escape into the Real World

Fantasies of creatures living amongst us, who are having a lot of fun.
Ben Rubin started taking photographs with his iPhone and used his iPad to draw on them, to pass the time on his subway commute, from Brooklyn to Manhattan.  Doodling is his hobby, his day job, consists of working as a Creative Director at The Mint Farm, a marketing studio in Brooklyn.  You see many people using their commute doing other things to pass the time, like: reading, catching some ZZZ, or creating art.  Now commuting, something very boring, but necessary, becomes interesting for the artist and entertaining for the masses, what more can you ask for?

Eating on the Subway.
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Cannenball off of the Bridge.
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Playing with my Rocket.
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Afternoon Nap.
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Really NEED my Morning Coffee Fix.
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Going Fishing on my Little Boat.
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What are you Reading over There.
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My Friend is NOT having a Good Day.
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Snuggle up for a Rest.
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You Play with your Gadget I will Play with Mine.
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Business Rat.
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Houston we have Touchdown.
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I have a VIP Seat.
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