22 Aug 2017

Freehand Sketches of Park Slope, Brooklyn, USA

Architect that has a passion for sketching his surroundings.
James Anzalone is an Architect who has a practice in New York City.  He describes his love for drawing as a hobby and an addiction.  He has so many of them that he has now opened a shop on Etsy, through which he sells them.  The following, are words taken from his site and they cover the subject we are going to feature, in today's post: "My freehand sketches of Park Slope, Brooklyn. I do these on location with a small black pen on a 9 x 12 sketch pad."  Fantastic, just carry around a small sketchpad and get in the habit of drawing what grabs your attention.  Don't worry about the finish result, in time, you will see that your skills will improve and so will your attention to detail.  Have fun out there.

FDNY Squad Co 1.
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135 Prospect Park West.
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Cafe Regular du Nord.
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Palma Chemists.
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Townhouse on Montgomery Place.
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8th Avenue Brownstone.
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36 Montgomery Place.
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313 Garfield Place.
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Brooklyn Conservatory of Music.
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Grand Army Plaza.
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Rose of Sharon Townhouse.
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Surrogate Court Building.
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On the Wall.
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