3 Aug 2017

Paintings of Surreal Worlds and Characters

Visit surrealism in worlds described by painted images.
French Painter Catherine Chauloux, initially started her painting carer depicting fantastic scenes but, them moved on to more realistic and down to earth scenes.  Luckily for us she returned to the surrealist imagery and has created, during the years, an array of beautifully unconventional art pieces. Sorry but I wasn't able to translate all of the titles, Google Translate comes up with some weird results.

Newsletter and the Answer of the Grand Duke.
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02-Le Maître-Siffleur-Catherine-Chauloux-Paintings-of-Surreal-Worlds-and-Characters-www-designstack-co
Le Maître Siffleur
The Whistle Master.
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Les Grands Chanteurs
The Great Singers.
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Monsieur Madame Partent En Soirée.
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05-Le-Tour-Du Monde-De-Monsieur-Madame-En-Gallinac-Catherine-Chauloux-Paintings-of-Surreal-Worlds-and-Characters-www-designstack-co
Le Tour Du Monde De Monsieur Madame En Gallinac
The World Tour of Monsieur Madame En Gallinac.
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La Dame Au Volant
The Flying Lady.
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La Pirate De L'air
The Pirate Of The Air.
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The Dejective.
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The Maker Of Clouds.
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Le Soleil a Rendez.
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La Dame Aux Arlequins
The Lady of the Harlequins.
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Night Inspiration and the Lady and the Witch.
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The Manuscript Lady and the Perfume.
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