10 Aug 2017

Paintings that Spill over into the World of Surrealism

Paintings inspired by an artist that has access to parallel worlds, through her imagination.
French artist Agnes Boulloche, is blessed with a fantastically vivid imagination, that she is able to share with us through her paintings.  Art is a tremendous way of aiding the description, of what is in our heads.  If you are limited it to words, the person you are explaining it to, would filter them through their experiences and then formulate their own image.  If you can paint, draw or sculpt, you can pluck the image out of your mind and clearly show it to others.  A magical trick of transference, from your brain to the canvas.

Autoportrait Lunatique.
Whimsical Self-portrait.
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Le Passe Temps.
The Passing of Time.
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Chouette Artiste.
Owl Artist.
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Chouette Atelier.
Owl Workshop.
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Cochonne Peintresse.
The Painter full of Desire.
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Danse avec la Lune.
Dance with the Moon.
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Est ce Ainsi que les Rats Vivent.
Is That how rats Live?
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La Procession des Lunatiques.
The Procession of the Lunatic.
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Le Bateau Licorne.
The Boat with the Unicorn.
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The Writer.
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Les Dessous du peintre.
Below the Painter.
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Ménine au Coquelicot.
The Lady with the Poppy.
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