31 Aug 2017

Vintage and Retro Objects in Photo Realistic Drawings

An artist with a fantastic attention to detail, that chooses beautiful objects to recreate.
Canadian charcoal artist Emily Copeland, has a predilection for retro and vintage items, which she like to reproduce at larger scale in order to bring to life, all the hidden details we usually miss in the objects, at their normal scale.  Her work was fist discovered on Instagram and thanks to her notoriety, is now able to dedicate herself full time, to her profession as an artist.  Finding the right vintage piece to reproduce is not always easy, some objects are enhanced by a B&W style but some, she says, fall flat when they are drawn.  She carries a list of items she is interested in drawing and if she comes across it and if Copeland can see the potential for a nice drawing, only then will she go ahead and draw it. These are some words taken from the artist's web site: "Charcoal is difficult to erase, and there isn’t an undo button, nor the ability to paint over a section you are not happy with. It must be drawn accurately the first time, which takes concentration and patience. The more tedious and demanding an object is, the more I enjoy drawing it."

Antique Phone.
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Antique Books.
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8 Eight Ball.
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Bike and Flowers.
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Ice Hokey Goalie Pads.
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Ice Skates.
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Electric Guitar.
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Lp Record.
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Tea Cups.
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Glove and Baseball Ball.
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Cowboy Boots.
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Packing for Travel.
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