16 Sept 2017

Mixed Media Animal Drawings and Paintings

Beautiful animal drawings and paintings, that were created in the hope that people, would pay more attention to what is happening to them.
New Zealand born, Sydney based Artist Jaimee Paul, sees her talent as an artist, as a way of reaching large audiences, to make a case for animals around the world that are really suffering, some related to the decisions humans make.  I have added, under each picture, facts and figures, taken from Paul's website, which go to explaining why she chose to feature that creature with her mixed media art.  We can end this portion of the post with a wish for the artist: "I hope to create Art For Purpose leading to positive changes in today’s global climate."

Artic Fox - White Chameleon
Not many mammals change colour. Unrecognisable between winter and summer as their coats change from white to brown, they are true Chameleons of the north.
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Arctic Fox - White Chameleon.
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Snow Leopards hide in the remote mountains of the Himalayas, a habitat at threat due to climate change, I still have so much hope for these timid beauties. Status Endangered (Population: Estimated total: 4,080-6,590 – WWF).
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Snow Leopard Detail.
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The plight of polar bears is that of a climate change tragedy.
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Polar Bears Detail.
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Honey Bee, there are many of them but not enough
Bee’s are one of the most important species on earth. Without them, we will loose over 40% of what's in our supermarket.
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Northern Whine Rhino – There was only 5 left in 2015, now only 3:
Poaching for Eastern medicines / caught between human conflict are the main reasons.
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Study for bleaching of the coral on the reefs in the world.
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Sumatran Tiger – There are only 400 Sumatran Tigers left due to:
Deforestation of wood / uncertified palm oil plantation / Poaching.
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