2 Sept 2017

Realistic Paintings of Stuffed Animals

An Artist living in Los Angeles, that gave up his 9-5 job, to pursue his love for art, full time.
I sometime put small extracts from the Artist's page but, in this case, I am going to put a longer quote from Brent Estabrook: "I have found that a life doing what you love will forever propel you positively forward. I often get asked why I paint stuffed animals and there are many reasons, one of the most important is to bring people back to the state of childhood when the pursuit of dreams and passions were encouraged. At some point in our lives, society tries to convince us to get a “good” job, save for retirement, and then at 60 you can go have fun… Screw that!"  He finishes off by saying that, if circumstances do not allow you to go out and live off of what you love, make sure you make some time, during each day, to dedicate it to something that makes you happy.  Word to live by...

Yellow and Purple Bunny.
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Pink and Green Elephant.
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Lots of Stuffed Toys.
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Lots of Stuffed Toys detail.
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Famous Animation Characters.
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Famous Animation Characters detail.
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Blue and Brown Bear.
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Close-up detail.
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Multi Colored Teddy Bears.
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Finishing Touches.
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Baby Horse.
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In the Studio.
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WIP (work in progress).
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