21 Sept 2017

Surrealism Explored Through Photography

A photographer and digital artist that uses his work to tell a story.
Ted Chin is not as comfortable with writing, as he is with images and that is why he relies on his photography and his computer skills, to manipulate his photos, to construct worlds that populate his mind and imagination.  I could't find titles for his work, so I made up my own.  The beauty of art in general and surreal art in this case, is that, the finished piece will often mean different things to the each person that stands in front of it.  What do these images represent to you?  What would you name them?

Warning from the Lighthouse.
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Finding a Friend.
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Dancing in the Full Moon.
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Dancing on the Highest Peak.
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Floating Jellyfish.
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07-A Friend-come-to-Visit-Ted-Chin-Surrealism-Explored-Through-Photography-www-designstack-co
A Friend come to Visit.
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A Swim in the Clouds.
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Special Aquarium.
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An Ocean in the Desert.
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My Pet Dragon.
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The Skull.
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Taking a Trip.
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