25 Sept 2017

The Winckler - Fairy Tale Fantasy Architecture

A house that would fit just as well in a child's story book.
The two people at the centre of this construction were: Tim Lindberg and Daniel Huscroft from Lindcroft Custom Dwellings.  The house called "The Winckler", is located on the shore of Vancouver Island.  The home and its surroundings, really allow the owner to live in their own fantasy fairy tale story house.  The beautiful construction comes with a price and that is the complexity of the design, where everything has to be meticulously thought through and then built to achieve that fantasy look.  But what a result, a house that immediately takes you back to childhood as soon as you see it...

Storybook Cottage By The Sea.

The House and the Hill.
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Kitchen and Living Room.
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Living and Dining Room.
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Shower Room.
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Staircase to Upper Floor.
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Sitting Room.
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Master Bedroom.
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Side View of the House.
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Side View of the House.
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Chimney Flue Detail.
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The House at Night.
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