19 Oct 2017

Fantasy Transformations for Halloween with Body Paint

With Halloween coming up, you are going to need inspiration, I just happen to have the post for you...
Jade Deacon is a Make-up Artist at Hair by Ashleigh, in Dublin, Ireland.  I have chosen a mixture of transformations that range from sweet fantasy ones, to scary adaptations, don't worry, they are all quite tame.  This Halloween you can go out and spend money on a mask and a costume, or you can be inspired to do something like this.  The options and genres are endless.  You can base them on movies, books, animations, famous people, as sweet or as dark as you want, wherever your mind takes you, be careful you don't take the wrong turn...  Muah ha ha ha!!!

Ice Queen.
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Butterfly Gold and Black.
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03-Lace make-up look-Jade-Deacon-Fantasy-Transformations-for-Halloween-with-Body-Paint-www-designstack-co
Lace make-up look.
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Nightmare before Christmas Pumpkin Queen Halloween.
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White Skull.
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Mermaid Queen.
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07-Alice-in Wonderland-Cheshire-Cat-Jade-Deacon-Fantasy-Transformations-for-Halloween-with-Body-Paint-www-designstack-co
Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat.
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Blue Butterfly.
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Orange Butterfly.
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Pink Butterfly.
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Purple and Gold Snakeskin.
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Pink Reindeer.
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