17 Oct 2017

Interior Design Drawings of a Victorian House

Beautiful interior design drawings, that document the transformation of a home.
Malcolm Begg is an Art and Design Lecturer, at a college in Aberdeen, Scotland. These illustrations were inspired by the coming together of two important things in his life:  his love for Pinterest, with all of its interior design inspirational posts and the acquisition of a three bedroom Victorian terrace house.  This provided a blank canvas for Begg, to put his design ideas and the inspirational images he has admired for a long time, into a new vision for his home.  He has been documenting the progress and setbacks with photographs, drawings and written accounts.  I am going to be visiting one of the aspects listed above, his beautiful drawings.  There is more that needs to be completed in the house, this is a work in progress, but please join me in a tour of a lovely home, through the drawings of an accomplished artist, care of Malcolm Begg.

Floor Plan.
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Floor Plan Detail.
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Living Room Part 2.
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Living Room.
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Kitchen Detail.
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Stairs and Hallway.
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Attic Stairs - Cupboard.
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Bedroom 2.
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Bedroom 2.
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Master Bedroom.
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Master Bedroom Detail.
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New Extension.
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