24 Oct 2017

Urban Sketcher taking in the views and Drawing them

Drawings that capture our every day lives and the places we visit.
Josiah Hanchett describes himself as a an Urban Sketcher and travelling since a young age, probably influenced his love for architecture and the passion for recording what he saw, in his drawings.  Hanchett was born in Wisconsin, raised in Spain and currently living in Greenville, SC.  I love the variation of subject matter from artist to artist, some record what they see, they love and what inspires them.  This is a way of linking the view of the place with fond memories.  Other artists draw on places the would love to visit, live in, or someday construct.  A way of looking to the future, with an inspirational blueprint of what could be...

New Bedroom new Sketch.
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Santa Monica Pier.
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Almost There.
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Cloud Gate.
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Community Sketchbook.
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Downtown Market Sketching.
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Need a Tidy-Up.
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Passing Time Scanning all my Drawings.
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Practising my Botanical Sketching.
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Reminiscing over Black Tea.
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Sketching a Victorian Home  - Voigt House, Grand Rapids.
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Sketching on La Salle Street.
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Sketching the Inner Peristyle Gardens at Getty Villa.
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Windmill - Hanging out in Pella.
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Wouldn't mind Living here.
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