11 Oct 2017

Watercolor Paintings Indoors and Outdoors

Changes in directions in life, can lead you to the most fulfilling experiences...
American Artist Thomas Schaller, started off as an architect and architectural artist.  As he mentions, his work was to conceptualise other people's ideas.  One day, after a talk with a fellow artist, he started contemplating the real possibility of leaving his carer and starting his own business, painting things that inspired him, an expressive view of the world that was in front of him, rather than a hyper realistic one.  The following, are some words from the artist: "All art is a form of story-telling  and I believe that good art asks more questions than it answers." On this note have a look at his wonderful work and enjoy the carpet ride through many cities around the world, curtsey of Schaller's watercolor paintings.

Piazza Navona Rome Italy.
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An Interior Life.
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03-Washing Up-Memories-of-grandparents-Thomas-Schaller-Watercolor-Paintings-Indoors-and-Outdoors-www-designstack-co
Washing Up -  Memories of Grandparents.
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At the Palazzo San Marco Rome Italy.
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Besalu Bridge.
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Mission Market Arizona US.
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Moon over Anstruther.
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Piazza San Salvatore Italy.
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Rainy Day - North Queensferry.
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Rainy Day Rome.
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Running Errands Venice Italy.
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Shadows of Palladio Italy.
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Winter Light - Moscow.
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