6 Oct 2017

Words Viewed from the Mind of the Photographer

This artist allows us to travel to parallel world with him, from the comfort of our daily life.
Hardiyanto Indra Setyawan is the Indonesian artist that created these fantastic realities.  He does it by merging different photographs, to produce a new world with it's own and unique laws of physics.  This is photo manipulation at its best, it really makes you wish you could visit and spend some time in these out of this world locations.  Need a short break for your mind?  You can't go wrong with one of the holiday spots illustrated below, please choose one or more and have a wonderful time there.  Remember to send me a postcard.

Whales on the Edge.
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Moons and Worlds.
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The Ocean in Motion.
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Dreaming at Night.
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Two sides of the same World.
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The Rain washes the dirt away.
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A whale in a field.
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Dolphins Swimming.
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Driving to the centre of the city.
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Exploring the Rooftops.
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How Different things look form Here.
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