12 Dec 2017

Architectural Landmarks Mixed Media Art Part 2

More architectural landmarks, from around the world.
As I have mentioned, this is part two of Mucahit Gayiran's work.  Last week I called it watercolors, but having had a better look, there is drawing involved and some have been colored in with pencil, so I decided to name this post mixed media.  Below I will put  link to the last week's post, so in the unlikely event :) you haven't seen a landmark you have recognised or like, there is more to choose from.  By no means is this the complete selection of all of the famous, popular buildings and statues in the world, but it does represent a lovely collection, that inspires the continued search for knowledge and travel.

Architectural Landmarks Watercolor Paintings Part 1

Colosseum Rome Italy.
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Stonehenge United Kingdom.
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Pyramids of Giza Egypt.
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Great Sphinx of Giza Egypt.
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London Bridge United Kingdom.
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Hagia Sophia Turkey.
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Taj Mahal India.
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Notre Dame Cathedral Paris France.
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Moai Statues, Easter Island Chile.
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El Castillo Mexico.
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Brandenburg Gate Germany.
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National Gallery United Kingdom.
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