16 Feb 2018

Paintings of Worlds of Surrealism Built on Life Experiences

A body of artwork that was built on a foundation of inspiration, talent and a lot of hard work.
American artist Daniel Merriam, has had a very full life, if you get the chance, have a look at his site and his story.  I am usually captivated by the art of an artist, but very rarely by the stories they share, if any at all.  There aren't a lot of artists that are comfortable sharing that much with others.  You usually end up getting a list of achievements to try and distract from their personal life, or you have other people describing the artist and facets of their life.  Merriam goes into fantastic and interesting detail, about his life, describing the highs and the lows, explaining how he is grateful for all he has learnt from both.  I am not saying that artists that don't want to share are doing something wrong, but that this was a very pleasant surprise and a wonderful read.  The beauty of this post is that the art is just as good and interesting, so get comfortable and enjoy this banquet of surrealism and prepare for the feast.

The Dragon.
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High Tide.
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Meeting of the Minds.
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Balancing Act.
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A Fine Line.
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Ahead of His Time.
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Drifting Away.
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Places to go.
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Counting the Minutes.
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Changing Views.
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Grand Junction.
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Honey Jar.
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The Strategist.
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  1. All this Jobs are so BEAUTIFUL. !

    1. Really glad you like it, hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


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