5 Feb 2018

Tiny House Architecture with the OPod Tube Housing

A possible sign of things to come?  More in the post.
James Law is the person that came up with this Tiny House, as a possible solution to combat the unaffordable price of housing, in Hong Kong.  I know that tiny homes really divide people when it comes whether they are liveable spaces or not.

I will give you my opinion so that we can get that out of the way.  In a world were more and more of us are realising how precious resources are, having a reduced footprint, a house to live in, in a more sustainable way, is necessary and the right thing to do.  That said it should not be a race to see just how small we can make a house to fit a human in.  The proof is going to be in the comfort and happiness of the people living in them.   This is an important point that should be kept in mind when evaluating the success of any habitation.

Now to some details:  The houses are fitted using low cost and readily available 8.2 feet diameter (2.5m) concrete water pipes.  They are being fitted for 1 or 2 people and include: cooking and bathroom facilities, no mention of a bedroom, but I have a feeling that the furniture will probably have dual function and turn into a bed.  The homes will be 100 square feet (9.2m²) and can be stacked in small paces between buildings, put in temporary locations and moved if necessary.

Comfort and peaceful living, can me achieved in a small space, as long as the choice is not dictated by just by financial reasons, where the only other option is a friend's couch or worse.  I think we should try out these new ideas with an open mind and from the experience, use what works and get rid of what doesn't.

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