26 Mar 2018

Architecture Tiny House on Wheels with plenty of Windows

A home on wheels, that has most of the specifications of a larger sized home.  This house currently sales for $72,000
Tiny Houses and in this case, the ones on wheels, are really increasing in quality of the materials, their efficiency and the design features.  Matt Impola is the founder Handcrafted Movement, the company that built this lovely home.  It's a turnkey package, which means that every thing is prepared for the client, to be move in ready.  There is also a menu of extras and upgrades, that you can browse through, as if you were in a restaurant ordering dishes.  There are a lot of positives that come with having a beautifully detailed home like this, but the one I prefer, is that, if you need to move to a different part of the country you can take your home with you and minimise the packing and the hassle + stress of buying a new home.  You just have to find a new plot of land for your new life.

Kitchen, Breakfast Area, Bedroom, Bathroom.
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Kitchen, Living Room, Guest Bed.
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Entrance and Cabinet.
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Breakfast Area and Stairs to Master Bedroom.
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Kitchen, Breakfast Area, Bathroom.
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Shower Room.
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Shower Room Toilet.
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Shower Room Sink.
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Living Room and Guest Bed.
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Storage under Guest Bed.
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Guest Bed.
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Master Bedroom.
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External View.
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