21 Mar 2018

Surreal Digital Photo Manipulation using Clouds

An artist that spends his working life in the clouds.
Marcus Einspannier, loves to use clouds as his main protagonist, along side which, he places other characters to interact with.  Animals, movie animations, people and sometimes himself, are the supporting actors to this surreal show, that is produced by nature and features as its main star, the clouds.  Arts can be about many thing, but don't leave out important ingredients like: fun and imaginations, they are the spices, that make a really tasty recipe, out of reality.

The Ballet.
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03-A Walk-with-my-Brown-Bear-Marcus-Einspannier-Surreal-Digital-Photo-Manipulation-using-Clouds-www-designstack-co
A Walk with my Brown Bear.
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Dragon Dog.
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Dancing Penguin Mary from Mary Poppins.
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Olaf From Frozen.
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Painting the Sky.
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Relaxing Time.
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Magic by Pulling a Hippo out of the Hat.
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The Elephant.
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My new Halloween Mask.
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To have your Head in the Clouds.
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Who needs a Tesla, when you can get a Cloudsta.
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Sometimes you need to just a Nudge to Enjoy Life.
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