19 Mar 2018

Terraform Tiny House on Wheels Sustainable Architecture

Ominous name for this home, the Terraform Three.
Terraform is a term mostly used in sci-fi movies, that describes a process of transforming a planet, to make it habitable for people, by creating conditions, favourable for their colonisation by humans.  Richard Ward, is the builder and designer of this Tiny House.  He moved from a 250 ft² tiny home to this, his new project, a 54 ft² which is (5 m²), the tiniest home we have ever featured here, on DesignStack.  Some of the tiny houses  we have featured in the past, have a small foot print, but usually have an upper level.  This one doesn't.  To live in this space you have to have a real minimalist life style and not likely to be suitable for all, but if you like the outdoors and to travel, then this might be for you.  There is a video below that shows more of the details of this compact place, which comes with a double bed, kitchen and shower outside, plus a composting toilet inside.  Have a look and let us know your thoughts.

This FULL TIME tiny house is only 54 Square Feet!

External View.
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Bed and Cupboard Area.
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Richard sitting on the Composting Toilet.
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Bed and the Kitchen in the Background.
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Exterior Kitchen and Shower Area.
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Roof Deck Area.
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