2 Apr 2018

Architecture with the Timber Tiny House 1954 Goddess Firetruck

Truck conversions are not usually my favourite, but this one...
Roger Beck built this timber Tiny House on the back of an old 1954 Goddess Firetruck and I really love the finish result.  It's so cosy and the workmanship is so beautifully finished, that I can really see my self relax and enjoy the space inside, in whatever location took my fancy that day, week, month or year.  That is right, you can use for holidaying or as a permanent home.  I am not sure of the latter, I was not able to find any more pictures than the ones we have on the post and I don't see a toilet of shower room.  That said, they might be behind the bookshelves, where the wall kicks in.  I was reading more and apparently Beck, used it as a home to travel across the united States, so I was probably right about the location of shower room and toilet.  I am just going to sit back and imagine sitting inside this wonderful home with the view of my choice, out of any given window.

Kitchen and Dining Area.
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Dining Area.
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External View with Porch.
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External View.
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External View.
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