5 Apr 2018

Zentangle Drawings on Recycled Vintage Book Pages

Exploring this new form of art and how artists, are adapting it to make it stand out, by injecting their own vision of it.
New Zealand artist Jo Newsham has tried many different mediums of art through her life.  She has recently rediscovered the pleasure of drawing and the Zentangle patterns.  Being color blind, having a drawing style that primarily uses just black and white, is a real help for her.  She creates art using recycled vintage book pages.  There are a loot of books that get thrown away each year and I am hoping that she picks her's, from this recycled pile.  A lot of people see this practice as a literary sin.  But personally, I would rather see them used for art, than in a landfill, an incinerator, or shredded to be part of a new sheet of paper.  At least in drawings, the essence of that page and book lives on, it just morphs into something new.  I included my definition of a zentangle drawing in yesterday's post, the link to which, is below.

Zentangle Old Masters and Works of Art Drawings

The Disaster.
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Yielding Flesh.
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The Woman she wanted to be.
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I can Smile.
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The Devil.
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The Edge.
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Give up.
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I lost my way.
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I wish we knew each other better.
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Sweetly Urged Sin.
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Catherine Wheel.
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