12 Apr 2013

The Hobbit Watercolours

Serene depictions of the travels of The Hobbit in Watercolours by Artist David Twenzel.
One Morning at the Shire.

Good Morning Mr. Baggins - Pile of Dwarfs - Trolls.

03-Unexpected Party-Artist-David-Twenzel-Watercolour-The-Hobbit-Frodo-Baggins-Gandalf
Unexpected Party.

04-Hobbit Panorama-Artist-David-Twenzel-Watercolour-The-Hobbit-Frodo-Baggins-Gandalf
Hobbit Panorama.

05-2nd edition Cover-Artist-David-Twenzel-Watercolour-The-Hobbit-Frodo-Baggins-Gandalf
2nd edition Cover.

06-Riddles in the Dark-Artist-David-Twenzel-Watercolour-The-Hobbit-Frodo-Baggins-Gandalf
Riddles in the Dark.

07-Smaug’s Fury-Artist-David-Twenzel-Watercolour-The-Hobbit-Frodo-Baggins-Gandalf
Smaug’s Fury.

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