5 May 2014

Bulbing - Lamp Design

00-Nir Chehanowski-Studio-Cheha-Bulbing-a-Magical-Lamp-Design-Light-up-your-life-www-designstack-co
This deceptive night-light is very well designed and executed.  At first, it looks like fully 3D bulb, but when you turn it you notice that the designs are contained in 5mm (about 3/16 of an inch) acrylic sheets.  The base is made of plywood birch.  Nir Chehanowski from Studio Cheha is the creator of these clever and effective designs.  Chehanowski is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for production (he has surpassed his goal with many more days to go).  As the Acrylic, lit part, is not locked to the base, you can get all the other designs and slot in, the one that suits your mood that day.  You can buy more bases if you like, all the combinations are shown on his very popular  Kickstarter page.

01-Nir Chehanowski-Studio-Cheha-Bulbing-a-Magical-Lamp-Design-Light-up-your-life-www-designstack-co

03-Nir Chehanowski-Studio-Cheha-Bulbing-a-Magical-Lamp-Design-Light-up-your-life-www-designstack-co

04-Nir Chehanowski-Studio-Cheha-Bulbing-a-Magical-Lamp-Design-Light-up-your-life-www-designstack-co

05-Nir Chehanowski-Studio-Cheha-Bulbing-a-Magical-Lamp-Design-Light-up-your-life-www-designstack-co

06-Nir Chehanowski-Studio-Cheha-Bulbing-a-Magical-Lamp-Design-Light-up-your-life-www-designstack-co

07-Nir Chehanowski-Studio-Cheha-Bulbing-a-Magical-Lamp-Design-Light-up-your-life-www-designstack-co

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