6 May 2014

Recycled Sculpture Wildlife

We have featured a lot of Sculptures derived from Recycled items, but the craftsmanship and details, Edouard Martinet demonstrates in these wonderful pieces, shows off what an incredible artist he is.  One of the things we really appreciate on this site, that very few artist do, is to list the items they use for their recycled sculptures, in our opinion it really adds to the finish product.  All the pieces are fastened together using tiny screws no soldering.  Have a look at the video for more information about Martinet and his process.  Which is your favourite one?  Let us know at the bottom in the comment section.  To get the best effect, once in the article you can enlarge the image by pressing it (not the first one).

Butterfly: 63 X 36 X 57 H cm
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Wings : moped chain guards
Legs : bike brake parts , pieces of winshield wipers , bike chains
Abdomen : old acetylene light tank
Thorax : car suspension part, small spoon parts , cream chargers
Head : headlights, bike parts
Butterfly trunk : clock springs
Hair : pieces of a daisy wheel
Antennae : brake cables, on the top : drawer knobs.

Butterfly Detail.
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Dragonfly: 95 X 125 X 38 H cm
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Abdomen: patinated copper/brass bicycle pump, car horn part, parts of old acetylene bike lights ( at the ends)
Thorax : two motorbike rear lights , shell-shaped drawer handles, big upholstery tacks
Head: car or lorry old stop lights, parts of acetylene bike lights, parts of a daisy wheel for typewriter ( hair from the mouth)
Legs: tubes, bike cable guide, wing nuts, wire
Wings: umbrella ribs, wire, wire netting for hen coops.

Longicorn Beetle: 66 X 50 X 24 H cm
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Abdomen : Two Citro├źn Traction boot handle , black Solex fenders
Thorax : bike light
Head : old Champagne cork remover, caster wheel covers
Eyes : bike reflectors
Legs : large upholstery tacks, parts of shoe tree in aluminium, pieces of winshield wipers, bike brake parts, bike chain.

Longicorn Beetle Detail.
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Raven: 63 X 30cm, H: 33 cm
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Legs: secateur springs
Body and feather: bike chain guards, motorbike fender
Neck: piece of an old radio loudspeaker, Solex fender
Head: motorbike rear light
Eyes: spyholes
Beak ( bill): bike rear lights.

Red Ant: 65 X 42 X 22 cm
Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Thorax and head : sauce spoons, car parts
Eyes : marbles
Abdomen : bike or motorbike headlights
Antennae: small bike chains
Legs: cream chargers , brake parts , chains, alarm clock feet , spoon handles.

Red Fish: 82 X 20 cm, Height 34 cm
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Body: moped fenders and chain guards
Bones: tablespoons
Guts: trumpet horns
Gills: car door parts
Fins: fish slices
Eyes: flashlights
Mouth: boot tips
Head: Solex front fenders.

Rhinoceros Beetle: 33 X 28 cm, Height 15 cm
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Legs: bike brake parts, bike derailleur chain, bike chain ring
Head and horn: small bike brake, pieces of a daisy wheel
Antennae: small bike parts
Thorax: shoe tree, bike Luxor headlight
Abdomen: motorbike light, shell-shaped drawer handles.

Wasp 1: 28 X 16 X 40H cm (Glass only 21 cm diameter 49 H cm) ( Total 23 X 33 X 78H cm)
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Abdomen : steel tips for boots, bike headlights
Thorax and head : steel tips and bells from bikes and typewriters
Eyes : vintage watch case
Antennae : spectacles arms
Legs : bike brakes , bike chain , spoon handles
Wings : glass.

Wasp 2.
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Workshop 1.
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Workshop 2.
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Press the Image to Enlarge it.

Older Work.

Toad 1.
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Older Work.

Toad 2.
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Older Work.

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