14 Mar 2015

Miniature Edible Food in Kawaii Style

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This post is set around miniature food that you can eat and the Kawaii style, from a post on digg.  As defined in wikipedia,  Kawaii = lovable, cute or adorable, it is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture.  These characteristics are sought after around the world, but none more than in Japan.  Originally videos were shown of people pretending to cook with small foods and utensils, like in the last video below.  Now a Danish and a Japanese YouTubers have filmed themselves cooking real miniature foods with real and small utensils, have a look at the videos they are amazing...

Tiny Crepes (Edible)

Tiny French Macarons (Edible)

Tiny Gingerbread Men & House (Edible)

Mini Food Shrimp tempura and fried shrimp (Edible)
ミニチュア料理 エビフライとエビ天 미니어처 요리

Mini Food sushi (Edible)
ミニチュア 一粒寿司

Kawaii make belief Cooking.
Real Miniature Cooking Above.

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