16 Jun 2015

MIITO Minimalist and Stylish Induction Drinks Heater

There are many ways of heating up your favourite drink.  Most of them are either inefficient or, in the case of the kettle, over filling causes a waste of electricity.  Jasmina Grase and Nils Chudy bring us MIITO, place your cup, bowl, glass, teapots, and any other non-ferrous vessel, onto the induction base, immerse the heating rod in the liquid, and let the liquid boil. MIITO can also heat milk for your coffee or a bowl of soup.  MIITO is currently raising money on Kickstarter (a crowd funding site) and to date has raised 3 times more than their original pledge, so it will be made and sold.  More information in the video, GIF animations and images below.

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More information about MIITO video

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