12 Oct 2015

Architectural Sustainability is getting Closer

00-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co
The Techstyle Haus 825ft² (77m²) solar powered passive building, was drawn as a collaboration project.  A control system, makes it possible to monitor all energy produced and consumed in the home.  This makes it easier for the house owner make energy consumption more efficient, by moving to more adequate appliances and systems.  The structure regulating the House, expands outside the habitation as well as the inside.  There is a lot more information about this very interesting home, on the video below.

02-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

03-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

04-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

05-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

06-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

07-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

08-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

09-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

10-Techstyle Haus-Architectural-Sustainability-is-getting-Closer-www-designstack-co

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