6 Mar 2017

Architecture with the Biggish Tiny House

Following the earthquakes in Christchurch, 2010 & 2011 the then student, recycled a lot of the materials from the reconstruction of the buildings, to build his own home.  More information on the video, in the post.
Geologist Stefan Cook had two goals for his project: the fist was to make it comfortable, off the grid as much as possible and live in it as permanent home himself.  The second one, was to finish it whilst he was still at university.  His first priority was to get all of the essentials in and then he could fill in the rest of the place, as he got more familiar with his needs rather than his wants.  The important thing, is to find smart solutions to filling such as small place without cluttering it.  The following are the dimensions of the house: Length: 8m (26ft) (plus 1.5m draw bar) (5ft) - Width: 2.45m (8ft) - Height: 4.1m (13ft).

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Tiny House Built From Salvaged Earthquake Materials.

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